PINHOLE LONDON at The Trove Market @thetrovemarket.tottenham  

06/05/23 + 03/06/23

🌎 Lordship Rec, London N17

📸Together we created a series of pinhole portraits of places & people in the park, using preloaded pinhole cameras. We developed the prints in our developing chest where participants could see the process of their photo emerging in the photographic developing solution. At our second workshop we took photos using our bespoke 'Afghan Box Camera'.

ℹ️“THE TROVE MARKET is about bringing people together, facilitating FREE enriching activities for young people and providing a platform for entrepreneurs of all ages”.

🌟Thanks to all the wonderful people who participated, The Trove Market, Pamela & Ebony amazing face painter @mangozookidz 

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Supported by The Trove Market & People Need Parks