School Enrichment

This bespoke Pinhole Photography workshop offers students a unique opportunity to learn and understand the key principles of image making using the traditional chemical based processes. We will explore and experiment, producing photos through developing an understanding of the camera obscura effect. Practically we will construct our own pinhole cameras made from upcycled aluminium cans and develop the images in a pop-up photographic darkroom that will be provided. 

The knowledge and skills acquired by students will potentially bolster development and progress made as GCSE and Art and/or Photography A Level coursework.  Alternatively the workshop would be an opportunity for KS3 to create and experience something truly special, the workshop can also be offered to Primary Schools. The workshop takes between 1.5 - 2.5 hours, adaptable to the timings of the school day. Potentially two separate sessions can be offered in a day where the group size does not exceed 15 students. All equipment is provided on the day. 

In partnership with Barge FIODRA, we also offer unique on-water and off-water activities from the London Canal! More info

Ben is a fully qualified teacher with PGCE Art and Design Education & Enhanced DBS and previous experience in a full time secondary teaching position. He has a strong understanding of the learning needs of young people and which various approaches can truly maximise progress and engagement.